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Being busy

It’s always really fun making plans. This kinda relates to my last post and how I’ve mentioned I like planning my future out a lot - well I do! It’s fun! I liked spending months before making vague plans to go on holiday and then solidifying them, or vague plans to see friends and then… Continue reading Being busy

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What we did in Prague!

So earlier this month I went to Amsterdam and Prague with my friend Crystal from ettulife! We only spent about 2 full days in Amsterdam so we didn’t quite hit up all the tourist activities, but the 4 days we spent in Prague were days well spent! DAY ONE We got an early flight from… Continue reading What we did in Prague!

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Pros and Cons to Life in Halls/Student Accommodation

This post is brought to you by the fire alarm that went off at 10:37pm on Sunday and had me thinking “oh at least it was a decent time, unlike the 2am ones.” The standard is low. When it comes to living on campus with a bunch of strangers most of whom are leaving home… Continue reading Pros and Cons to Life in Halls/Student Accommodation